Facebook giraffe challenge riddle answer keeps netizens guessing

The giraffe challenge riddle invades Facebook! Many users of the social networking site changed their profile picture into a giraffe.

'Who reads, who scrolls' Facebook spam goes viral

A game that supposedly lets one find out who among his Facebook ‘friends’ care about the ‘friendship’ has gone viral over the weekend.

How To: Replace @sharethis at end of tweet with your own Twitter handle

This is a simple tutorial on how to replace “@sharethis” with your own Twitter handle when users share your content through ShareThis.

Viral Facebook 'Graph App' Privacy Setting Wall Post a Hoax

A Facebook “Graph App” privacy setting status message that’s spreading virally across timelines on the social networking site is hoax.

Facebook Hashtags Now Clickable

Facebook hashtags are now clickable as the social network began to roll out “a series of features that surface some of the interesting discu...

Vin Diesel: Facebook owes me 'billions of dollars'

Hollywood action star Vin Diesel joked: Facebook owes me “billions of dollars” for his more than 41 million fans on the social networking si...

Facebook gets unsocial, blocks ShareThis, Google links

Facebook is getting unsocial. The social network on Friday started to block short links from ShareThis and Google.

Facebook redesign: April 2013 timeline update rolled out

Facebook has redesigned the timeline. The update was rolled out to users of the social networking site on Monday, April 15, 2013.

Facebook blocks mom for sharing breastfeeding photos

Facebook blocks mom for sharing breastfeeding photos is a headline that sparked an online debate on the social networking site’s policy on p...

My Club 88: Scam or Legit?

Is My Club 88 legitimate or a scam? Self-dubbed “The Newest and Cheapest Online Business Club in the Philippines,” My Club 88 offers people ...