Rizal High School student falls from stairs while taking selfie, dies

A student of Rizal High School in Pasig City died after she fell down the stairs while taking selfie photos last Monday, June 30.

Ahron Villena catches stalker taking video while he's on shower

Ahron Villena has caught a stalker taking a video while he’s on shower at a gym. The hunk actor said the man’s name is Mark Ober Liguie.

Gab Valenciano Super Selfie Video Goes Viral

A YouTube video shared by multi-talented Filipino performer Gab Valenciano titled “Super Selfie - Tune Squad” has gone viral online.

Selfie, phablet, twerk officially added in the dictionary

Words commonly used by netizens in social media including “selfie,” “phablet” and “twerk” have been officially added in the dictionary.