Bagito Scandal 3 video hits the internet like a typhoon

A video many called Bagito Scandal 3, which features two students doing an intimate act inside a classroom, has hit the internet like a typh...

Photo of netizen who 'proudly uploaded own scandal' fake

The 'One Katipunan' Facebook page has apologized to a netizen who allegedly proudly uploaded his own scandal as it turned out to be ...

'The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia' Facebook post, video, photo go viral

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Father Romeo Obach news update and official statement

News about Father Romeo Obach made headlines after the priest did the unimaginable to a 17-year-old unwed mother at her child's baptism.

PMPC Star Awards scandal: Jobert Sucaldito tweets vote buying allegations (update)

A scandal rocked the PMPC Star Awards after veteran showbiz columnist and radio personality Jobert Sucaldito tweeted vote buying allegations.