De Lima to Duterte: 'May gusto po ba kayo sakin?'

Senator Leila De Lima on Monday asked President Rodrigo Duterte about why he is "so obsessed" with her: "May gusto po ba kayo...

OFW: Why 'Ouster 3.0' won't succeed against President Duterte

An overseas Filipino worker expressed his opinion on why the so-called "Ouster 3.0" will not succeed against President Rodrigo Dut...

Background check reveals Matobato's hideout, true identity

A background check revealed the hideout and true identity of Edgar Matobato, the witness who claimed to be a hitman of the Davao Death Squad.

Duterte did not give go signal for Veloso execution — witness

The media did not tell you this: A witness said President Rodrigo Duterte did not give the go signal for Mary Jane Veloso's execution.

Trip to HK offered to anyone who can prove that Duterte cursed Obama

A trip to Hong Kong has been offered to anyone who can prove that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte cursed US President Barack Obama.

Cute girl's message to Duterte: 'Don't give up on being a President' [+video]

A cute Filipino-American girl makes an appeal to President Rodrigo Duterte in a video: "Don't give up or the bad guys will take you...

VIRAL: Filipino defends Duterte, tells American boss about the truth

In this viral Facebook story, an overseas Filipino worker defended President Rodrigo Duterte and told her American boss about the truth.

Did Duterte curse Obama? Here's the transcript (full text) of what he really said

Did President Duterte curse US President Barack Obama? Here is the transcript (full text) of what he really said during the presscon.

Obama-Duterte meeting cancellation mutually agreed upon

After mixed reactions from various sectors, the truth has come out: The cancellation of the Obama-Duterte meeting was mutually agreed upon.

Duterte declares 'state of lawlessness' over Davao after night market bombing

President Rodrigo Duterte declared a "state of lawlessnes" over Davao City early Saturday following the bombing of the Roxas night...