Video of Bus Stop Sniper Prank Goes Viral

A Facebook page called The LAD Bible posted a famous video about the bus stop sniper prank. As expected, the short clip went viral in no time.

Bikini Bridge Hoax: Prank turns real as photos go viral online

Bikini Bridge, which started as a prank and then revealed as a hoax, has become real as more and more photos go viral online recently.

Video of hilarious dinosaur prank in Japan goes viral

The video of a hilarious dinosaur prank created by a famous Japanese practical jokes television show has gone viral online this week.

KTVU apologizes for blunder; Anchor Tori Campbell says sorry

KTVU Channel Two and news anchor Tori Campbell have both apologized for misreporting the ill-fated Asiana Flight 214 pilots’ names.

Rusty Foster becomes 'Facebook dead' prank victim

Kuro5hin founder Rusty Foster had a vacation with his wife in Cancun. While enjoying his trip, a pal made a 'Facebook dead' prank th...