Jinggoy Estrada reveals vehicles, photo of Warren Cristobal, De Lima's 'new boyfriend'

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada on Wednesday revealed the vehicles and photos of Warren Cristobal, apparently Senator Leila De Lima's new...

#DuterTripletsAreComing: Sara Duterte pregnant with triplets

Filipino netizens have been posting #DuterTripletsAreComing after news broke that Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte is pregnant with triplets.

Butane canisters explode as delivery truck figures in road accident

It felt like a New Year revelry when butane canisters exploded after a delivery truck figured in a road accident and caught fire Wednesday.

Chinese yields 30 kilos of shabu in Angeles drug raid [video + photos]

A Chinese national yielded more or less 30 kilograms of shabu in Angeles City on Friday as goverment continues the war against illegal drugs.

Did Jessy Mendiola use camera angles to look sexy in photos?

Did Jessy Mendiola use camera angles to look sexy in her photos that went viral before she was declared FHM's 'Sexiest Woman' in...

'Photo of the year' shows elderly couple selling newspaper on sidewalk

Inspite of old age, this couple still sells candies, cigarettes and newspaper on the sidewalk to make ends meet. What a heartwarming scene.

LOOK: Divisoria is clean but is it safe now? [photos + video]

Divisoria, the shopping Mecca in Manila, is clean and beautiful to look at as shown in viral photos and video, but is it safe now?

Did Senator Leila De Lima sing in drug lord's studio?

Did Senator Leila de Lima sing in a drug lord's studio inside the New Bilibid Prison? Her alleged performance was captured in a photo. ...

Child hurt as rechargeable mini portable fan explodes

A mother revealed on Facebook that her youngest child was hurt following an explosion involving their rechargeable mini portable fan.

VIRAL: VP Leni Robredo poses with alleged Iloilo drug lord

Circulating on social media sites this weekend is a photo that shows Vice President Leni Robredo posing with an alleged drug lord in Iloilo.