SOGIE Legislative Measure Good As Local Ordinance

The SOGIE measure can be legislated as an ordinance in localities where there are reported incidents of widespread LGBTQ+ discrimination.

Duterte's Suspension of PCSO Games Affects Bloggers

President Rodrigo Duterte's order to suspend gaming platforms of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has affected bloggers.

The Cebu skywalk incident from a rescuer's perspective

We received a message from an anonymous rescuer who wanted to post a reaction regarding the incident at a Cebu skywalk where a man fell.

Mary Jane Veloso's mother an ingrate, say netizens

The mother of Mary Jane Veloso is an ingrate, according to furious netizens who blasted her online for being ungrateful to the President.

Mary Jane Veloso recruiter lives in barong-barong (shanty)?

Chief public attorney Persida Acosta asked the public not to prejudge Maria Kristina Sergio, the alleged recruiter of Mary Jane Veloso.

Shopper slams SM Southmall 'regular' in viral Facebook post

A shopper turned to Facebook to rant against a supermarket "regular" who allegedly made a scene inside the establishment and harra...

Suspend K to 12 or give it a go?

K to 12: To go or not to go? After almost 3 years since K to 12 has been launched, the country is set to welcome the first ever Grade 10 s...

Grow a tree of life after death, bury loved ones in biodegradable pods

Death is inevitable and definitely knocks our doors unexpectedly. Whether we believe in spirits or not, our physical bodies are undeniably b...

How To Be Happy Even If You Are Poor

Human as we are, we usually associate our personal happiness to how flourishing our pockets are. Is that even true? Photo credit: oneina...

Filipinos still 'walk' for EDSA Revolution

Every year, our country celebrates the anniversary of the world famous people power revolution more popularly known as the EDSA Revolution.