Fake Jollibee Delivery Facebook Page Scam Promo

A fake Jollibee Delivery Facebook page is curently scamming netizens with a bogus promo to gain likes and shares on the social media site.

DefendUPLB Draws Flak, Loses Credibility for 'Fake Death Threat'

Popular social media group DefendUPLB drew flak online and somehow lost its credibility after posting an alleged fake death threat.

DOWNLOAD: Province of Davao Oriental Embarkation Form

We took the liberty to download and re-upload the Embarkation Form to make it easier for people to find and download it.

IATF Resolution No. 40 Series of 2020: GCQ, MGCQ Areas

Here are the areas placed under GCQ and MGCQ per Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution No. 40 Series of 2020.

India Bee Attack, Gas Leak Videos Combined To Scare Viewers

Unscrupulous individuals combined videos of the bee attack and gas leak in India to scare viewers on social media sites. The video captioned...

Coronavirus Patient Who Sneaked Out of Davao Isolation Facility Found

The Covid-19 positive patient who sneaked out of an isolation facility in Davao City has been found by authorities Friday morning, May 15.

Davao 911 Terminates Personnel Over Quarantine Rules Violation

Davao's 911 central office has terminated two personnel for violating quarantine rules after one them was shot dead during an unofficial...

NBI Arrests Man Who Promised P50M Reward For Duterte's Head

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has arrested the man who promised a P50 Million reward to anyone who can have President Rodrigo D...

Ambient Digital Philippines No Ads, Delayed Payments Due to Covid-19

Ambient Digital Philippines assured publishers that they are still operational despite displaying no ads and having delayed payments.

Manila-Davao Sweeper Flight Passenger Tests Positive For COVID-19

A passenger of the Manila-Davao-Manila sweeper flight conducted May 6th by the City Government of Davao has tested positive for COVID-19.