LOOK: Duterte-inspired 'El Presidente' burger in CDO

The Duterte-inspired "El Presidente" burger by Marco Paulo Culala of Wild Onion Pub & Grub in Cagayan de Oro City sure looks y...

WATCH: Man eats massive burger, fries in less than 6 minutes

How would you like to take this man to a burger-eating contest? Watch how he finished off a massive burger and fries in under 6 minutes!

Pepper.ph's 'ultimate fast food spaghetti taste test' earns flak

Pepper.ph, ranked by Google as "the best food blog in the Philippines," earned flak for its "ultimate fast food spaghetti tas...

'Glass fragments' in Lucky Me instant pancit canton clarified

Monde Nissin, makers of Lucky Me!, has issued a statement to clarify what the alleged glass fragments in the instant pancit canton video are.

Couple dies after eating at McDonald's Evia? McDo issues statement

McDonald's released an official statement regarding the alleged food poisoning incident at its Evia branch that led to the death of two ...

Customer finds cockroach in her coffee drink

"Yuck!" was the word that came out of the mouth of a customer when she allegedly found a cockroach in her coffee jelly frappuccino...

Consumer finds hair in Purefoods corned beef

A consumer's complaint against Purefoods made rounds on Facebook after he posted photos of the food company's corned beef product wi...

Lechon a hit at World Street Food Congress in Singapore

Lechon is a hit at World Street Food Congress which opened Wednesday in Singapore, according to Dedet dela Fuente of Pepita's Kitchen.

Customer Finds 'Cockroach' in McDonald's Product

While McDonald's is investigating the "cheeseburger worm" incident, another customer surfaced claiming to have found a "c...

'Spot The Worm' in Cheeseburger (Viral Photo)

[Updated at 3:30 p.m.] A photo showing an alleged worm found inside a cheeseburger bought from a Davao branch of fast food giant McDonald...

Cute Crepe Vendor's Photos, Video Go Viral

The photos and video of a cute and charming Taiwanese crepe with ice cream vendor are making rounds on blogs and social media. Find out why.

Customer finds cockroach in food served by Davao resto

A customer was eating lunch with passion and all when he suddenly found a cockroach in the food served by a famous restaurant in Davao City.

Insect found in Gardenia loaf bread (+photo)

An open letter to Gardenia Philippines, written by a consumer who found an insect in its loaf bread product, has gone viral online.

Chicken Nugget Recall: Specific Tyson Foods Product Details

Tyson Foods Inc. made a chicken nugget recall after it received complaints from customers who found bits of plastic in their product.

McDonalds Happy Meal books to educate children about nutrition

Instead of toys tied with blockbuster movies, leading fast food restaurant McDonalds will distribute Happy Meal books starting November.

Wendy's photo of frosty-eating worker goes viral

Wendy's photo of a frosty-eating worker has gone viral online this week. The employee’s act, which netizens criticized as “gross” and “...

Dollar Menu Fails To Boost McDonald's Sales

McDonald’s Dollar Menu fails to boost sales despite stepping up on marketing. The company saw one percent sales drop at restaurants open at ...

Top restaurant Noma sickens 63

Noma, a top restaurant sickens 63 is making headlines as patrons of the “world’s best” eatery were infected with viral gastroenteritis or st...

Viral Photo: Tattooed Tourist Feeds Beggar

Don’t be deceived by a person’s appearance. A photo of a tattooed man, believed to be a tourist, providing a beggar food and feeding him us...

FDA orders recall of Korean noodles

The Food and Drug Admistration has ordered the recall of six Korean noodle products found by the Korean FDA to contain Benzopyrene, a chemic...