Queen's WWIII speech made public, full text revealed

A final draft of the Queen's WWIII speech has been revealed and made public three decades after it was written during the cold war era.

Jonathan Yabut, Filipino, wins 'The Apprentice Asia'

Proud to be Pinoy! Filipino Jonathan Yabut won against Singaporean Andrea Loh Ern-Yu in “The Apprentice Asia” as announced Wednesday night.

iPhone fingerprint sensor or fingerprint scanner in the works?

Rumors about an iPhone fingerprint sensor, also called iPhone fingerprint scanner, are making headlines across U.S. technology websites.

Coleen Garcia, third party behind Billy - Nikki break up?

Rumors that Coleen Garcia is the third party behind the break up of Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil are spreading on social networking sites ...

Cagayan de Oro blast victim dies, death toll rises to 8

Another victim in the Cagayan de Oro blast that occured Friday night has died. The death toll in the CDO bomb explosion has climbed to 8.

Hudson River Boating Accident: Charges Filed Against Driver

Recent news reports, updates on the Hudson River boating accident reveal the speedboat driver involved in the mishap has been charged.

Melindo vs Estrada fight result: Filipino loses to Mexican foe

Milan Melindo lost to Juan Francisco Estrada. The Filipino was not able to beat the Mexican champ, failing to win the flyweight title.

KTVU Pilot Names Blunder: 3 Producers Fired From Job

The KTVU pilot names blunder led to the station’s firing of three of its producers: Roland De Wolk, Cristina Gastelu and Brad Belstock.

Kobe Paras dunks over LeBron James | Viral Video

Kobe Paras dunks again, this time over NBA superstar LeBron James during the latter’s recent Nike-sponsored #WitnessHistory Philippine to...

Japan scrambles jets after China plane flies by disputed islands

Japan scrambles jets after a China military plane flies by disputed islands became a headline on news websites in the U.S. on Wednesday.