BEWARE: This Is How Facebook Accounts Get Hacked

Finally! The method used by unscrupulous groups to hack into Facebook accounts has been revealed. Users of Facebook, beware!

HOW TO: Convert A Normal Picture, Post It As 3D Photo On Facebook

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Good Samaritan At Walmart Earns Praises From Netizens

A true story about a young lady who became a good samaritan at Walmart in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States has gone viral online.

Karen Davila rant serves 'Siargao wake up call' during Holy Week

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Flight attendant slapped for refusing to stow passenger's bag

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Duterte urged to ban Facebook, online games in gov't offices

President Rodrigo Duterte was urged to ban access to online games and the use of Facebook and other social media sites in government offices.

Facebook Unveils 2014 Year In Review Video

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'Government Warning' About Shampoo Scam Resurfaces

A survey scam regarding an alleged government warning about a bath shampoo, which went viral in July this year, has resurfaced on Facebook.

Facebook Introduces Safety Check Tool (Video)

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