Lazada Buyer Orders Gaming Chair, Receives Dirty Shirt

Instead of the ordered computer gaming chair, the buyer received a dirty shirt from the seller. Did Lazada take action?

GCQ 'New Normal': Industries To Operate Or Remain Closed Starting May 1, 2020

Some industries will operate or remain closed during the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) in the "new normal" starting May 1, 20...

On Carlos Celdran: 'Tourist guides shouldn't be financial analysts'

A team of financial mentors slammed Carlos Celdran, a known Duterte critic, and said "tourist guides shouldn't be financial analyst...

LBC in hot water after sender lost remittance in alleged inside job

Money remittance service and courier company LBC Express is in hot water after a sender lost his remittance in an alleged inside job.

PhilWeb to shutdown after Duterte vowed to destroy oligarchs

Gaming technology company PhilWeb Corp. is set to shutdown operations following President Rodrigo Duterte's promise to destroy oligarchs.

Duterte calls MVP 'puppet' of foreign-based Salim Group — report

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte reportedly called Filipino business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan a "puppet" of the foreign-based Sal...

Businessman slams airline over poor customer service, flight delay

Radio anchor and review center big boss Carl Balita on Saturday slammed low-cost airline AirAsia over poor customer service and flight delay...

LOOK: Duterte-inspired 'El Presidente' burger in CDO

The Duterte-inspired "El Presidente" burger by Marco Paulo Culala of Wild Onion Pub & Grub in Cagayan de Oro City sure looks y...

WATCH: McDonald's Chicken McDo ad or Jollibee Chicken Joy commercial?

Netizens got confused over a McDonald's Chicken McDo advertisement that looks like a Jollibee Chicken Joy commercial. Check out the vide...

WATCH: Mars and Snickers bars thrown, burned in Saudi

In this viral Facebook video, an undetermined number of Mars and Snickers chocolate bars were thrown and burned in a pit in Saudi Arabia.

McDonald's denies there were worms in chicken fillet

Fastfood giant McDonald's issued a statement through refuting a customer's allegation that he found worms in his chic...

'Glass fragments' in Lucky Me instant pancit canton clarified

Monde Nissin, makers of Lucky Me!, has issued a statement to clarify what the alleged glass fragments in the instant pancit canton video are.

Couple dies after eating at McDonald's Evia? McDo issues statement

McDonald's released an official statement regarding the alleged food poisoning incident at its Evia branch that led to the death of two ...

Cebuana Lhuillier releases official statement on payout incident

Cebuana Lhuiller on Thursday released an official statement regarding a payout incident involving their teller at a branch in Cavite.

BEWARE: EmGoldex just changed name to Global InterGold

EmGoldex changed its name to Global InterGold. According to famous scam buster Ethan Vanderbuilt, they've rebranded "to avoid the b...

Jollibee issues official statement on delivery incident

Jollibee has issued an official statement regarding the delivery incident involving a customer that went by the name Jay Bee on Facebook.

KFC issues response to viral 'fried rat' claim

Global chicken restaurant chain KFC has finally issued an official response to a customer's claim that he found a "fried rat" ...

Viral English-speaking banana cue vendor from Pampanga shares story [+video]

The English-speaking banana cue vendor from Pampanga, who was dubbed Banana Man in a video that went viral, was featured Sunday on Rated K.

ATM virus allows withdrawals from users without accounts

Crooks right now are most-likely looking for automated teller machines (ATMs) that have been infected by a virus that allows cash withdrawal...

Bill Gates visits the Philippines with family

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates visited the Philipines for a short vacation in a posh resort with his family. The American business magnated...