Flappy Bird no longer wants to fly, viral meme tells why

The popular game has been removed from online app stores because Flappy Bird no longer wants to fly. This viral 'condo' meme tells w...

'Mauled' faces of government officials in funny viral photo

A photoshopped image showing “mauled” faces of four high ranking government officials has gone viral online amid the Vhong Navarro controver...

Bikini Bridge Hoax: Prank turns real as photos go viral online

Bikini Bridge, which started as a prank and then revealed as a hoax, has become real as more and more photos go viral online recently.

Viral Photo: 'Thank You For Leaving' Roadside Billboard in Butuan

A photo showing a “Thank You For Leaving” message printed on a roadside billboard allegedly along a Butuan highway has gone viral online.

Cristine Reyes blows top on Instagram, gets mad at follower

Cristine Reyes has blown her top on Instagram. The actress apparently got mad after her follower commented on a photo she uploaded.

Ahron Villena catches stalker taking video while he's on shower

Ahron Villena has caught a stalker taking a video while he’s on shower at a gym. The hunk actor said the man’s name is Mark Ober Liguie.

Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford spent Christmas together in US? (Photo)

A photo of Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford allegedly watching an NBA game in the United States last month is circulating online.

Alex Gonzaga points finger gun at Angelina Jolie wax figure in Instagram photo, gets criticized

Alex Gonzaga has been criticized online after she posted a photo showing her pointing an imaginary gun at Angelina Jolie’s wax figure.

Guardians of the Galaxy characters unveiled, photo goes viral

Guardians of the Galaxy characters were unveiled by Marvel recently. A teaser photo of the lineup for the superhero movie has gone viral.

Shark photobomb captured on camera in Manhattan beach

A shark photobomb was captured on camera in California. The big fish was swimming near the Emerson twins when the picture was taken.