Ben Affleck, the new Batman, to debut as the superhero in movie with Superman

Warner Bros. has named Ben Affleck as the new Batman. He is set to debut as the caped superhero in the upcoming Superman/Batman film.

Batman Superman Movie Coming In 2015; Logo Seen at Comic-Con 2013

Batman and Superman will join forces in a movie that’s set for release in 2015. Warner Bros. made the announcement Saturday at Comic-Con.

Superman: Man of Steel latest movie trailer video out

The official trailer video of the 2013 Superman film “Man of Steel” starring Henry Cavill and directed by Zach Snyder has been released.

Robin the Boy Wonder killed in 'Batman Incorporated'

Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman’s sidekick, will be killed while battling a brutal enemy in a new comic book out Wednesday.

Superman and Batman together in new series

Superman and Batman, two of the most popular superheroes, are set to join forces in a new series called “Superman/Batman” that’s expected to...

Superman movie villain unveiled

Michael Shannon, who received an Oscar nomination for his supporting role as a mentally troubled man in “Revolutionary Road” two years ago, ...

Sucker Punch’ director is 2012 Superman’s too

Movie screening/review sites say the official synopsis for ‘Sucker Punch’ confirms that the film’s plot falls somewhere between that of a vi...

Henry Cavill is the new Superman, movie to be released in 2012

British actor Henry Cavill, the star of Showtime's “The Tudors,” has been cast as iconic superhero Superman in a film to be directed by ...