Beach Resort vs Guests, Vloggers Go Viral Over Cleanliness, Privacy Issues

A beach resort in Davao Oriental's Governor Generoso town and their guests, riders and vloggers from Butuan, have gone viral online due to cleanliness and privacy concerns.

On Sunday, November 6, JAKKA Beach Resort exposed what they called "dirt" left by their guests, a group of motorcycle riders and vloggers led by K'Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan, in a Facebook post.

To our previous guests and to our soon to be guests, Hello and Good day!
Our resort is not just an ordinary resort, for we serve and make sure that our services fits your needs.
We are very saddened that we need to experience this kind of chaos to our Family Villa (pictures posted).
We need you and we serve you the best that you need K'Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan. We considered your plead and attend all your concerns yet this is what you did to our Villa so what else can we say but THANK YOU . We are hoping that you will not do the same to your future destinations.
We know that our soon to be guest will never do this kind of dirt to our resort because they will choose to stay in calm and unwind than to do stuff like this.
We choose to be kind, understand and RESPECT than doing this.

At first glance, it appears that there is nothing wrong with the post, but the photos attached show the group's messy kitchen, utensils, bedroom, and living room.

What also piqued our interest was the resort's public identification of the guests involved by tagging them in the post.

Pobreng Laagan posted their "side of the story" a few hours later. He stated:

𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲.
The issue between our team and one of the resort of Gov Gen.
Una sa tanan, we want to thank the resort for letting us booked your resort and enjoyed the scenery and the beach.
However, we checked out sa resort na dismayado.
We went to Governor Generoso to have fun, celebrate and enjoy each other's company. We traveled 10 hours from Butuan to Gov Gen as early as 2:00AM. Arrived 12PM at the resort. It was tiring yet satisfying for us na mahilig sa rides.
When we arrived namangha talaga kami sa ganda ng place, however we were not treated with utmost respect. We requested few things like "taklob sa kaldero, luwag, tubig, kutsara (since limited lng ilng kutsara considering 22 persons me tanan and their untensils are only for 20 people.) We were under the impression that the Kitchen area is complete as what posted on their page. Kinsa ba sab mag expect na wala diay kaldero and even luwag sa ilang villa (worth 20k). Nag pasensya ra me, we paid for it kay gusto nila ipa rent ang luwag at kaldero. Each item na gina-ask namo additional 100 pesos. Imagine, gusto sila magbitbit me ug kaldero kay wa dw nay labot sa kitchen. But we remain silent. We paid. On that night, I requested the Manager's presence. Cause I need to speak with her and ask few question. But then, wala siya niadto kay ako daw paadtuon sa front desk which is 150 meters away sa Villa. Just to remind you, we were tired. 10hours of travel. Imagine. And we want to relax lang.
We were silent. We did not post anything on the social media cause simple ra man unta ni nga issue.
We wash the dishes on that night kay syempre gamiton namo ang things during sa breakfast. Everyone had fun during that night. Nakainum kunbaga mostly of us and we are tired.
Today at 10am, we checked out.
We woke up at 6am to prepare breakfast. Nag-enjoy ang uban sa dagat. By 7am, we had breakfast. And everyone is already in a hurry cause we are supposed to jump off and leave the resort by 8am kay layo pa kaayo among biyahe. So yes, we did not have time to collect the dishes and wash them. And we were expecting we will be understood knowing how tired we are. Knowing unsa me kakapoy sa 10hours na byahe. And they know were we came from. Kahibaw sila asa pa me muuli. We just want to reserved our energy sa pag-byahe.
So ayon, I PAID FOR THE REMAINING BALANCE FIRST. A TOTAL OF Php 21,500 overall did not even receive an official receipt. Mao na akong una gibuhat nag bayad ko. Now, after paying I said to the receptionist.
"Ma'am naa lang koy feedback para dili ni mahitabo sa uban guest." then I said all of my sentiments with right voice tonality. I didnt know gi-take diay to negatively sa Manager. So, we left the resort. Only to find out pag abot sa Davao Oriental, we were bashed. Gipakiulawan me sa resort without even reaching out to us first.
We did not do any harm. We did not violate any of their policy. WE DID NOT BREAK ANYTHING! How come we are treated like this?
To the resort, I understand you want to post it for AWARENESS, but that became overboard after tagging us and disclosing your guest information. WHICH YOU SHOUDNT. MISKAN PA UNSAY MAHITABO DIHA.
We've been receiving threats! Mawala daw akong sponsors (which is by the way, I worked hard for). We've been receieving negative comments, hurtful commets. They want to mass report our page. Memes were created to make fun of us. Gipasagdan ra ta mo cause you are all one-sided!

By Monday, November 7, the resort's post had received nearly 30,000 reactions, 8,000 comments, and had been shared over 31,000 times. The vlogger's post received over 4,000 reactions, 3,400 comments, and 1,200 shares.

Which do you believe was at fault, the resort or the guests?