Woman Gets Possessed While Being Interviewed On TV

A woman in the Philippines was supposedly possessed by a spirit during an interview on a television show. This week, the "sensitive" interview video went viral.

Jane, a Filipina from Pasig City, was responding to a question from show hosts Julius and Tintin Babao when she abruptly stopped speaking and began making expressions. She was interviewed in a vehicle since Tintin asked it out of fear.

According to the program's guest, Father Ramon Merino, who has already exorcised 20 individuals, the spirit should not engage in dialogue while it inhabits Jane. Before attempting an intervention, it is preferable to first learn about the background and life narrative of the person who has become possessed.

In a different video, Father Merino proceeded to the car where Jane was held. He was talking to Jane when she attempted to assault him. Jane calmed down as the priest held her head and prayed over her.

Father Merino advised viewers not to judge Jane based on what they saw, but rather to understand her position and become more empathetic when faced with similar situations.

The Archdiocese of Manila has announced plans to construct the Saint Michael Center for Spiritual Liberation and Exorcism, which they claim would be the "first of its kind in Asia, if not the world." Last May 17, the groundbreaking ceremony took place.

The building will house the Philippine Association of Catholic Exorcists' headquarters. According to reports, it would also contain the Manila archdiocese's Commission on Extraordinary Phenomena, Exorcism Ministry, and Visions and Phenomena Ministry.