Axie Infinity: How To Keep Your Account Safe

Axie Infinity released an infographic that aims to teach players on how to keep their assets safe amid scams and hacking issues.

"Please read it carefully, [as] there are many people trying to steal your assets," the Sky Mavis-developed NFT-based online video game posted on Twitter.

How to keep your account safe? Seed Phrase/Secret Recovery Phrase controls the access to all your assets, KEEP IT SAFE! If you lose this secret phase, Axie Infinity cannot recover it and your assets will be lost.

A seed phrase, for those who are yet to be familiar with cryptocurrency wallets, is a 12-word seed recovery phrase -- a list of words that is necessary to recover crypto funds on the block chain.

The safest way to store your seed phrase is to write it on paper or copy it in notepad, save it in a flash drive, and then hide it somewhere very safe.

Axie Infinity's infographic came with instructions for players, as follows:

  • Store your Secret Recovery Phrase in a safe place and consider multiple copies.
  • Never give your Secret Recovery Phrase to anyone.
  • Sky Mavis staffs will never ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase.
  • Never type your seed phrase into any website.
  • Use a trusted platform to buy, sell or exchange tokens, e.g.: Binance.
  • Never scan a QR code from an untrusted source.
  • Be aware of fake giveaways. Confirm giveaways on Axie Infinity's official channels.
  • Never download software to cheat in the game.

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that has a growing number of players and fans worldwide, most of whom joined the bandwagon to have an income amidst the pandemic and are most probably unfamiliar with how cryptocurrency or the blockchain works, a weakness that is being abused by unscrupulous individuals or groups to make money.

Information dissemination for Axie Infinity players about the game's dos and don'ts  is a great help. Like and share this post if you agree.