Enable PLDT Home Fibr LAN Ports 2 3 4

This is a straightforward, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to enable your PLDT Home Fibr LAN ports 2, 3 and 4.

PLDT only enabled LAN port 1 by default. Enabling the rest of the LAN ports will open three more slots that can be used for faster browsing and online gaming on your desktop or laptop computers without lag.

Make sure you use Google Chrome or Opera GX as browser.

Let's start:

1. Open your browser and put in the address bar.

2. The browser may warn you about what it labeled as "unsafe" private connection, don't mind it. Just click "Help me understand" and proceed.

3. Use the following login credentials:
  • Username: f9!6b1e1rhO3es~u!p@e#r$a%d^m*i(n
  • Password: s)f_U+h|g{u@5h2o1q0b1l

4. On the Device Management page, click Debug Switch.

5. Look for Web Admin Switch, click Enable and Apply then logout.

PLDT web admin switch

6. In the address bar, put to access your PLDT router.

7. Use the following credentials to login:
  • Username: adminpldt
  • Possible Password/s:
  • z6dUABtl270qRxt7a2uGTiw
  • 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2
  • 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEuSHA
  • 1234567890
  • pldt1234

8. Once in, click the Network tab then BroadBand Settings.

9. Look for LAN Binding and click the checkboxes for LAN 2, LAN 3 and LAN 4.

PLDT Home Fibr Page

10. Scroll down, hit Apply and reboot the router.

You can now use LAN ports 2, 3 and 4 of your PLDT Home Fibr.

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