India Bee Attack, Gas Leak Videos Combined To Scare Viewers

Unscrupulous individuals combined videos of the bee attack and gas leak in India to scare viewers on social media sites.

The video captioned "Flying insects in China, India and Iran kill humans instantly, what is happening to the world?"  made rounds on Facebook and Messenger for the past two weeks.

India bee attack gas leak video

Somehow it affected people's emotions considering that the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused a traumatic experience among us is not over yet.

While the headline was fake news, the two footages were real. The first video showed people being attacked by bees while the second one showed adults and children collapsing on the streets and being taken to hospitals.

The bee attack happened during a funeral in Gorakhpur village, located at the Seoni district of Madhya Paresh, India.

At least 50 people including those who attended the funeral of a tribal woman and passersby were injured when a swarm of bees attacked last May 3, 2020.

Authorities said more than a dozen victims who immediatey went unconscious on the streets during the bee attack were brought to medical facilities to undergo treatment for the stings.

The gas leak, on the other hand, occured in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh state last May 7.

Credible news outlets reported that more than a thousand residents were exposed to toxic styrene fumes that leaked from an LG plant while preparations for its reopening after a nationwide lockdown was ongoing.

The poisonous gas caused burning eyes and neurological symptoms, nausea and headache to mention a few, took the lives of a dozen people including two children, police said.