Jim Paredes Admits Scandal Video is Real

Singer and notorious anti-Duterte personality Jim Paredes has admitted that his scandal video, which went viral Monday, is definitely real.

In his blog 'Writing On Air," the former Apo Hiking Society member wrote:

"This is very difficult for me to write, and for many of you, it will
be painful to read.

The video was real. It was private, and not meant for public
consumption. I do not know how it became public. I can only surmise
that in this ugly season of toxic politics, muckrakers determined to
neutralize my influence by violating my privacy and digging up dirt on
me are at work.

When I saw it on social media, I was in a quandary how to respond. But
after mulling and praying over it, I decided to come clean. There are
already too many lies and liars in this world. I do not wish to be a
part of that cabal. I have chosen to be truthful because I know that
painful as the truth can be, it will eventually set me free.

I have never tried to project myself as perfect. Of all the sins in
this world, I believe sex is the most human of all. I am not saying
this to excuse what, I regret, was broadcast on social media. I have
always expressed my feelings freely. Today, I wish to express my
truth. I am a flawed person, a human being, much like everyone else.
I made a mistake, I was irresponsible. And I am truly sorry.

I know many of you have judged me and condemned me, and those who held
me in high esteem are disappointed in me, to put it mildly. I
apologize for my irresponsibility. But most especially, I stand in
bottomless sorrow and contrition before my family who are reeling from
the hurt and aggravation, and the embarrassment and shame, that should
only be mine. I pray that they be spared any more wicked trolling by
those who would revel in their pain."

Source: http://jimparedes.com/archives/3275?fbclid=IwAR39OKZA5sKUP76UjkURRvvoYOOVirFvMfiNosCkqoPIB0fUP4FOtg7Svdw

When asked by a Twitter user, Paredes first denied that his lewd video is real. His lie was immediately picked up by mainstream media who insisted in the news that the viral video was fake.

Netizens slammed Paredes for being a "philandering hypocrite." In the past, the singer shielded himself with "moral decency" in his political tirades against President Duterte and the chief executive's supporters.