WATCH: NBI arrests female lawyer for bribery attempt

Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested Atty. Exel Antolin after an attempted bribery. Watch the entrapment video.

The female lawyer was caught in the act while attempting to give an envelop containing P200,000 cash to NBI Special Task Force chief Moi Tam (Moises Tamayo) inside his office.

According to reports, the money was used as bribe so that the NBI will not pursue a case against Antolin's relative, Norberto Landicho, who was nabbed on Wednesday for pretending to be a medical doctor in a clinic, school, and hospital in Quezon City.

Tamayo said the fake doctor signed and issued a medicine prescription, sans a license, to an NBI agent who sought treatment. The task force head added that the arrest should serve as a warning that cases cannot be bought and settled at the NBI.

Landicho has been charged for illegal practice of medicine while Atty. Antolin faces charges for direct bribery and corruption of a public official, reports said. The NBI is also planning for the disbarment of the arrested lawyer.