VIRAL: Female driver runs over motorcycles, hits cars at Rockwell

A video that went viral Friday captured a female driver running over motorcycles and hitting other cars at Rockwell with her yellow KIA.

Facebook user Kitt Lapeña, who witnessed the incident and shared his footage on social media, narrated what transpired in the high-end business center at dusk on November 11th:

"The adventures of the Crazy Yellow Kia in Rockwell. (approx 6:00PM 11/11/16)

My walk down Rockwell drive was interrupted by a weary sounding siren approaching from the stoplight at Lopez Drive. A tiny yellow car (female driver) zoomed by, followed by a Rockwell traffic/security person on a motorcycle. Blocked by traffic ahead, the motorcycle caught up with the car which then reversed really fast back towards Lopez (there were pedestrians and Cyclists who may have been endangered here). Again the motorcycle caught up with her and she drove forward again. The guy on the motorcycle just had enough time to slap the car's rear . Again He caught up with the little yellow automobile and this time the driver alighted - a young woman screaming "How dare you hit my car! (something something blah blah) May Lisensya ka ba?!!" Then she continued to verbally assault the guy (She also spanked the motorcycle... revenge for the slapping her car took?). I figured that was it so I walked away. Whatever her violation was, she was just making it worse for herself, I thought. A minute later she zoomed past again turning right on Kalayaan pursued by at least 5 motorcycles. She tried to elude them on a side street but reappeared on Kalayaan 2 blocks away. Here she was really stuck in traffic. Or so we thought. Never underestimate a cornered animal.. ermm. yeah. She grazed a few cars trying to squeeze into the traffic, but she was surrounded and I figured I might as well take a few photos. "Sige Videohan mo sabog ata yang babae - sinagasaayn yung kasama ko!" Suddenly she backed up, hitting several vehicles, and maneuvered into Gloria Street. When I say maneuvered, I mean she ran over a several motorcycles, hit some cars (both in traffic and parked on the sides) as well as a metal gate. I'm not sure If she drove off dragging one of the motorcycles with her. In my video you will see the final stages of her daring escape from the Kalayaan Traffic. #rockwell #traffic #topgearph #mmda"

Netizen Helen de Terry-Glorioso also took a video of the incident from another angle. She said in her caption:

This just happened in the corner of Kalayaan & Don Pedro!

Before this video starts, the yellow car had hit the silver one on its right. Driver refused to come out of the car or put down his window. Police called for reinforcement and blocked the road ahead. Yellow car kept trying to inch forward trying to escape, even pushing a policeman. Then this happened...

I'm still in shock at all the damage he was willing to inflict on so many! I hope they caught him somewhere but I doubt it...

Based on the first video, which already got half-a-million views in just four hours, it appears that some security personnel attacked and tried to break the glass window of her car, probably to force her to stop or get out.

There's always two sides of the story. It's expected that the female KIA driver will come out to tell her version soon.