Students in 'HCDC scandal' video not from Holy Cross of Davao College

The students in the viral HCDC scandal video is not from Holy Cross of Davao College, the Executive Officers of Customs Administration said.

In an official statement posted Saturday evening, November 5, the ExeCom made a clarification saying:

"We, the Executive Officers (EXECOM) of Customs Administration in Holy Cross of Davao College are here to make a statement about the latest news circulating in all of the Social Networking Sites stating that one student of HCDC particularly taking up Customs Administration is involved in a sex scandal. And we feel like we are obliged to make a statement because our course and most especially our school is very much affected by the news. After our fact checking, we are here to say that THE ONE INVOLVED IN THE SAID "SCANDAL" IS NOT A STUDENT OF HCDC AND IS NOT TAKING UP CUSTOMS ADMINISTRATION."

The student organization appealed to netizens not to spread wrong information:

"Please be responsible on what you post online, don't be gullible. do a fact checking before sharing viral hoaxes that spread on social media."

The ExeCom also warned those who uploaded and shared the video that legal action would be taken against them:

"P.S Please don't spread false accusations because honestly you will be punishable by law under RA 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Law of 2013 and a violation of Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 ( Republic Act No. 10175 )."

Facebook's newsfeeds and timelines have been flooded with posts about the so-called HCDC scandal video, which went viral over the weekend, as users of the social media site searched for the download link following claims of some who watched it.

A tipster informed that the lewd clip, originally titled "New Iligan City Scandal," already circulated online a few months ago, but it only became a trending topic this time after the title was changed to "HCDC Scandal."