WATCH: How to find out if someone is still or no longer a virgin

Viral video features a man who has an unbelievable yet effective technique on how to find out if someone is still or no longer a virgin.

History tells us that in ancient times, virgins were made as sacrifices to God or some spirits to possess power or win their favor. Decades and even centuries ago, when a woman becomes an offering on the altar, one can easily conclude that she is a virgin.

Today, it is very hard to tell whether or not a person—be it a girl or guy—is sexually inexperienced unless (1) you are a very close relative, (2) a super trustworthy friend, or (3) in an intimate relationship with that person.

The simplest way to know if someone is still or no longer a virgin is to ask him or her. Despite this fact, there are still myths about virginity, as follows:

The girl's hymen is intact.

This is not true at all times. The hymen, a thin mucous membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening, does not tear during sexual intercourse alone. Sometimes, according to sources, this thin layer of skin can also break through other means like vigorous sports activities such as biking or gymnastics.

The person is shy or prude.

Not true at all. This author met girls who got into numerous relationships and date a lot, some are also flirts, but are still virgins. 😁

The skin is soft or not firm.

In school, we used to touch or pinch our classmates' skin to know out if her v-card has been swiped or his pistol has already been put into a holster. There is no scientific basis for this and everyone knows this is just an easy and funny way to pull a joke.

But check out this man's method. Using a piece of string, he can tell whether or not an individual is still or no longer a virgin. In his video, he made himself and a young girl models for demonstration and comparison purposes.


There it goes. So, how do you find his method? Have you tried it?

H/T: Love to Know, Kwentology