WATCH: De Lima lookalike impersonates senator in viral video

A lookalike of Senator Leila De Lima captured the internet this week by impersonating the feisty senate member in a video that has gone viral.

The impersonator lip synched De Lima's voice to make the act look even more realistic.

His 1-minute, 43-second clip is so impressive that it already garnered more than 36,000 shares and over 2.1 million views since it was posted October 2 on Facebook.

At first, netizens thought that it was actor-comedian John Lapus who wore the scarf. We found out later that the De Lima lookalike/impersonator is Adonis Perocho Torres Baco, owner and manager of El Baño De Baco, a restaurant in Ozamiz City known for its unique bathroom ambience.

Baco already made two videos of his De Lima impersonation. The second video, which is attached to this post, is better than the first one.

Check this out: