Seaman gets robbed by sex worker inside motel

A seaman who only wanted to have fun ended up lonely after losing his watch, cellphone and P2,000 cash to a sex worker inside a motel.

The victim who was identified as Emeraldo, 24 years old and single, went to the Sta. Ana Police Station to ask assistance following the robbery incident in one of the motels in Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City, last Monday.

Based on his testimony, the seaman rented a private room and after taking a bath, he found out that the suspect identified as Novilla was already gone, Brigada News Davao reported.

Emeraldo noticed that his money and valuables were missing so he immediately went out of the motel room and looked for the suspect.

The seaman caught Novilla and brought her to the police station. Unfortunately, he failed to recover the items.