Man punches unfaithful girlfriend on the face, video sparks debate

A man punched his unfaithtful girlfriend on the face while taking a public ride. A video that captured the scene sparked an online debate.

Netizens were arguing whether it was right or wrong for the guy to hit his partner even if he allegedly caught her going out with someone else for the third time.

In the video that went viral over the weekend, the couple are seen fighting over the woman's apparent infidelity, which she vehemently denied.

The man, who claimed that he fed his partner and supported her financially, got so furious that he punched her on the face multiple times.

The poor woman was not able to do anything except to cry and retaliate with weak slaps while telling the guy not to lie about her and hurt her physically.

Some viewers said the man should've just left his playful girfriend instead of taking violent action that could worsen the situation. Others commented that he should be punished for his abusive behavior.

As of 5 p.m. today, the viral clip taken by a passenger at the front seat was already viewed over 12,000 times.

The persons involved have not been identified.

WARNING: Some people may find the following material offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.