WATCH: Man knocked down dead in fiesta boxing contest

A man died after he got knocked down by his opponent during a fiesta boxing contest in San Miguel District, Manila, near Malacañang Palace.

In the video posted October 4 by Facebook user James Asiado, the victim apparently suffered a fatal injury during a street boxing challenge on a concrete basketball court just a few meters away from a bakery in Nicanor Padilla Street.

Identified as "Klong" by Asiado and "Rudio Legaspi" by a commenter, the mineral water delivery boy received a blow from his opponent — a very powerful straight punch that landed on his jaw — and fell on the concrete pavement head first.

Based on the video, which quickly turned viral with over 351,000 views and 4,000 shares, the contest was apparently unregulated, there were no rules, no ambulance and medics, and the victim was not immediately taken to the hospital.

At first the spectators were cheering but their mood shifted abruptly after realizing that Klong passed out.

The cause of his death sparked discussions on the social networking site. Some netizens said the incident should be investigated and the organizers held responsible for the untimely demise of the newbie boxer.