Taxi driver, conductor charge passengers P3,600 from NAIA to Cubao

A video showing a taxi driver and conductor who charged two passengers P3,600 from Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport (NAIA) to Cubao has gone viral.

In the video, the suspects and the victims are arguing over the sky-high taxi fare. When the female passenger asked about the charge, the cab driver said they should pay P3,600 for twelve kilometers or P300 for every 1,000 meters. Otherwise, the driver said the amount will be charged to him.

When the male passenger complained, the conductor reminded him that they already agreed about it at the airport. Apparently, the suspects were engaged in "pangongontrata."

Here's the video:

In an update, the video uploader said the suspects were apprehended by police, but were released at the precinct since no money have been taken from the victims.

According to him, the passengers were able to get off the taxi when they pretended to withdraw cash from an ATM. They reported the incident at the nearby police station but the cops, allegedly, did not take immediate action.

Fortunately, the victims were able to take note of the license plate number of the taxi, which was "ABE 1959," the concerned netizen added.

The uploader warned taxi commuters to be aware and vigilant since the abusive driver and conductor are out in the streets following their release from detention.