Official Gazette accused of 'historical revisionism' over post on Marcos

The Official Gazette, an online repository of Philippine government documents, has been accused of "historical revisionism" over a post on former President Ferdinand Marcos.

According to reports, the Official Gazette on Sunday, September 11, posted on its Facebook page the late dictator's photo with a long caption, edited the caption to allegedly downplay the Martial Law era, deleted that photo after going viral, and then reposted it with a shorter caption.

Netizens who are anti-Marcos, many of whom are pro-Aquino, criticized the Presidential Communications Office and accused it of attempting to revise the country's history. Some even called it "miscommunications office" and called on President Rodrigo Duterte to fire the staff.

After harsh words flooded the Official Gazette's timeline, assistant secretary Ramon Cualoping III issued an official statement to clarify the matter.

"The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is the repository of government documents as stated by law.

We are not in the business of revising history. We only convey what is documented in the official records.

We continually update materials to keep it as historically accurate as possible.

The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines is devoid of any political color and affiliations."

The post elicited thousands of shares and comments in a span of several hours.