Life-size superheroes, cartoon characters replicas in park vandalized

Some of the life-size replicas of superheroes and animated cartoon characters at a public park in Bacnotan, La Union have been vandalized.

The town's Facebook page posted photos of the damages with the following caption:

"The life-size replica of popular superheroes and comic characters at the vicinity of the municipal hall/administrative building and plaza are part of the municipality’s efforts to make our beloved Bacnotan a child-friendly municipality.

It is sad that there are those who misunderstand and do not support this mission for our children. The pictures show the extent of mischief done to these images.

If you have any knowledge on the persons behind this, kindly report it to the Mayor’s Office at 607-4261 or text at CP No. 0918-240-8237. Thank you very much."

Asked by netizens if there were CCTV cameras in the vicinity, the page admin replied in the affirmative and announced that the culprits were already identified using the footage from the newly-installed security cams.

The municipal employee did not elaborate.