Fraud? BPI credit card holder charged P95K at Starbucks

A Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) credit card holder was charged a total of P95,000 from allegedly fraudulent transactions at Starbucks.

In a post on Monday, September 19, Facebook user Marga Sicat claimed:

"This is alarming! Be careful guys, my BPI credit card was charged Php 95,000 from Starbucks coffee Makati (i don't know where exactly in Makati) It's now under investigation. I did not receive any notification. I'm not a starbucks lover, i pay cash as payment but as far as i remember i registered my CC for uber and Spotify subscription. #Fraud #BPICreditcard"

The complainant attached a screenshot of the transaction history of her BPI credit card as reflected on her smartphone app, which shows the amounts of the transactions on September 13.

Many believed that her account was hacked.