Ellen Adarna chides basher who maligned her mother

Sexy actress Ellen Adarna scolded a basher who maligned her mother on Instagram after she posted a photo of her with a birthday greeting.

"Happy birthday to my super cool and beautiful mommah," the internet sensation-turned Kapamilya star posted last Tuesday, September 20, the birthday of her mom, the owner of Queensland Inn or "QI", a chain of motels in Metro Manila and the cities of Cebu and Davao.

The basher, who goes by the handle @bimbyreyes, commented: "Pangit ng nanay mo pokp*k din yan tulad mo." [Your mother is ugly a prostitute just like you."

Ellen replied: "@bimbyreyes mukha mo parang sinampal ng demonyo . ULoL" [It looks like your face was slapped by a demon. Fool.]

The basher deleted his comment after Ellen and her fans retaliated, but Fashion Pulis was able to capture a screenshot of the verbal exchange.

According to some netizens, the 28-year-old actress keeps her cool most of the time amid personal attacks and this was probably the first time that she had gone beast mode on a basher.

The reason is pretty obvious, it's her mother who's been maligned.

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