SHOCKING: Stock investments of Catholic Church, affiliate groups in billions

Surely, you will be shocked with the billions of stock investments by the Catholic Church and affiliate Catholic groups. Take a look.

The jaw-dropping figures are shown on a table posted Tuesday, August 9, by Peter Tiu Laviña, one of President Rodrigo Duterte's top aides, campaigners, and political strategists, on his Facebook account.

In his caption, the former politician said:

"Long before he was elected, President Duterte had repeatedly warned of a bloody war against drugs and crime. And yet 16,601,976 voted for him and 91% gave him a thumbs up just a month into office. Those criticizing him now against the war on drugs - many we never heard of condemning the barbarity and brutality of drug addicts raping small children, murdering old people - are "righteous" people who let evil win with the drug menace in every facet of our society by doing nothing in the past. There is one bishop who suggested we should stop killing (Tell that to the drug-crazed man!) and instead solve poverty. Well, I totally agree monsignor. We should start by distributing all the properties, cash in bank and cash on hand of the Roman Catholic church. These are afterall money of the people. If we cannot support the government's drive against crime and drugs, at least let us not stand in the way to be seen as "protectors" or "coddlers" of criminals and drug lords. The use of Human Rights is one of the most bastardized alibi in the world."

As of 11 a.m. today, Laviña's post already got more than 3,000 shares. It also generated hundreds of comments as netizens express their thoughts on the issue. Here are the top comments so far:

Jorge Barba:

"These assets should have gone to the locals. But a papal nuncio way back at the dawn of 20th century leveraged the Vatican as a civic state to lobby to the Philippine Supreme Court to decide based on law and not on justice.

Thus local priests who were to abandon their churches had no choice but forced to remain otherwise the would lose their turf.

All the stolen wealth accumulated by the Friars then went to RC pockets. These billions according to Cruz are 'mana' (inheritance) from the Spanish Conquistadores even though it is clear as day that these wealth are stolen."

Aveen Acuna-Gulo:

"When PRRD said during the campaign that "It's going to be bloody" -- it was a forecast; not a promise. Apparently there are still people who cannot see the difference...

The entity that have these resources in their banks can move proactively by rechannelling some of the money to rehabilitation of drug affected individuals and families -- many of whom undeniably belong, by virtue of many circumstances, to the church."

Maricor MG:

"With all due respect to the men in priestly robes. Instead of whining about drug related crimes and making bold statements invoking the 6th commandment, why don't CBCP just donate some of their properties, use their millions to construct rehab centers and hire efficient medical care and psychiatric practitioners to help these surrenderees get back on their feet. Alleviate and solve poverty? We can use your millions since the church is for the poor in spirit, the sinners and for the condemned, right?!?!"

Malou Tiquia:

"You shd hv totaled this table n the break it into how many schools it could build, kids fed, primary health, etc. then it could be more visual to all."

Henry C. Lato:

"Those who critize president duterte on what duterte is doing for the sake of the country are those who themselves are the god father of all crime they benifited and they are afraid to be caught and to be kill. For the chruch people you taught us to love our enemies forgive to those who sin against us but they don't honor your teaching why you don't forgive marcos."

After looking at the table and reading the comments, don't you realize that despite of all their assets, the Catholic Church has the face to collect money from the Filipino people through offerings and donations as well as payments for services such as baptismals, weddings, and funerals?

They also have the nerve to solicit funds from politicians and cars from government agencies despite having billions in investments. Should they just stop pretending to have meager financial resources and instead give the money back to the poor through charity, medical missions and other charitable works, and by building hospitals and schools among other worthy projects?

What do you think?