'Photo of the year' shows elderly couple selling newspaper on sidewalk

Inspite of old age, this couple still sells candies, cigarettes and newspaper on the sidewalk to make ends meet. What a heartwarming scene.

A netizen sent this photo to the Cebu Flash Report Facebook page with the following caption:

"Saw this old couple selling candies, cigarettes and newspaper in front of bread express near the Maguikay Bridge. I was on my way to the airport at 5AM when I passed by the place.

A good way to start our day. Stop complaining about your life or job. Other people have lesser in comparison to most of us yet they still wake up every morning and work hard.

Let's appreciate all the blessings that we have and just keep working hard.

Good AM cfr. Hope you can spread the good feeling to everyone."

The identities of the elderly couple remain unknown.

Many said their hearts were touched considering that the senior citizens continue to vend on the roadside and strive to live. Netizens also praised them for staying together for so many years amid life's challenges.

As of 8 a.m. today, the viral photo already got more than 2,800 likes/reactions and over 300 shares. Some said it should be called the "photo of the year." Do you agree?