WATCH: Meaning of President Duterte's mystery tattoo revealed

The meaning of the mystery tattoo etched on the right hand of President Rodrigo Duterte has been revealed. Watch this video to know the truth.

Many were wondering about the tiny mark on the hand of the President that's seen often when he makes a hand salute during police and military rites. Also, one of the editors of the South China Morning Post found it unusual for a president to have a tattoo, so journalist Raissa Robles asked Duterte's former schoolmate, presidential peace adviser Jesus Dureza, about its origin.

During the interview, Robles discovered that the cabinet member has the same tattoo on his right hand just below the fold of the thumb and index finger.

Dureza admitted that he and President Duterte are "members of Guardians Brotherhood, a fraternal group of people which started as a military fraternal group and then they got also civilians as members."

According to the history page of its website, the Guardians Brotherhood Organization was first known in 1976 as the "Diablo Squad" (DS), a fraternity of soldiers. Its founder, Sgt. Leborio "Abraham" Jangao, Jr., and his members were assigned to conduct peacekeeping campaigns in South Cotabato that year. DIABLO stands for Dauntless, Ingenous, Advocator, Banner, Liberty and Oneness.

Towards the end of the video, Dureza jokingly said, "It’s a secret cult."