Lady doctor scolds motorcycle rider after minor accident

These viral videos show a lady doctor scolding a motorcycle rider after the vehicles they were driving figured in a minor accident.

Based on the photo posted by Melvin San Pedro Camitoc on Facebook, it appears that the doctor's car accidentally bumped the motorcyle while she was turning right towards the driveway of a hospital where she is working.

On the other hand, the videos posted by Marie Farillon, the rider's sister, captured the altercation between the doctor and her brother.

If you listen to the conversation very carefully, the rider only wanted to have the affected parts of his body X-rayed, but the doctor refused and told him that an X-ray is not needed.

It seems the doctor was thinking that the rider will use the X-ray result to extort money from her. When the rider asked her about the damage on his motorcycle, she said the rider should also pay for the damage on her car.

Both of them have work to do but apparently it was the doctor who got annoyed of the inconvenience the accident caused them.

Farillon found the doctor ill-mannered while some netizens described her as "rude" and "unprofessional."


Who do you think was at fault? Whose side are you on: the doctor or motorcycle rider?