Driver throws FPJ punches in viral 'OMG, Kuya Rodel!' road rage video

This viral road rage video dubbed by netizens as "Oh my God, Kuya Rodel!" shows a driver throwing punches like the late Fernando Poe Jr.

Here's what happened according to the uploader, netizen Basha Gloria:

So I was up to deposit when I heard loud screaming outside the kiosk. As usual, it's full of the usual PI's and GGO's but I didn't realize that it was between our driver and someone else's driver up until I had to get my phone to get details from the merchant I was going to pay. Apparently, the driver of the other car was a tad too close while our driver was parking. For some reason, he got pissed off and started going bizerk [sic]. Being the hot--headed stunt man that he is, Kuya Rodel gave the man what he was looking for--a fist fight. As the man put it "ano, suntukan nalang, oh?"

I had to go down to stop the fight from afar (aka screaming for them to stop) but I made sure I managed to get a photo of the guy and a photo of the plate number.

PLATE NUMBER IS PIK 196, it's a white Starex. Still looking for the owner.

The video garnered more than 51,000 views on Basha's timeline and over half-a-million more on the Carbreezy Facebook page where funny comments and reactions are posted.

Do you find the video funny or not? Drivers these days easily opt for a fist fight instead of settling disputes peacefully, why do you think this happens?