Duterte gains support from int'l media after threat to leave UN

After he threatened to have the Philippines leave the United Nations (UN), President Rodrigo Duterte gained support from international media.

The Chief Executive said Sunday morning that the country will separate from the council following calls from UN special rapporteurs Agnes Callamard (extrajudicial and summary executions) and Dainius Puras (right to health) for the Duterte administration to stop the extrajudicial killings of drug suspects.

He said, "Maybe we'll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. Eh kung ganiyan kayo kabastos eh p****g ina, umalis na kami diyan sa inyo. When you here the last time? Never. Except to criticize... When have you done a good deed to my country?"

The President described the UN as an "inutile" organization that could not control its members particularly the United States and China.

On Monday, the Department of Foreign affairs (DFA) clarified that the Philippines is not pulling out its membership from the UN even if it meddled with the government's campaign against illegal drugs.

Amid these developments, the President gained support from a famous news personality.

EMMY Award winning television news anchor Graham Ledger, host of "The Daily Ledger," praised Duterte for considering to vacate the UN.

"Good for you Mr. President! And the United States should join him. It is high time that our rational, civil, and constitutional republic put the world on notice that the immoral, pro-dictator, pro-globalist, climate change-embracing, anti-American agenda of the United Nations must end," he said during the 'Final Thoughts' segment of One America News.

Earlier this month, a broadcast journalist from Korea said Duterte is the "best president of all time."

Apart from international media, the UN Economic and Social Council in their first annual review named Duterte as the "best president in the world." The credibility of the results has been put in question though.

Sources: GMA News, Manila Bulletin, Facebook Live via Maria Lilac Wilson