9-month-old baby raped inside tent while parents were working

A 9-month-old baby girl was raped inside a tent while her parents were working. Warning: Do not read this story if you have a weak heart.

The victim, whose name was not disclosed, belongs to a Syrian family who fled their country amid the ongoing civil war. They sought refuge in the Islahiye District of Antep.

Islahiye town is a railway border crossing into Syria and Antep is the informal name for Gaziantep, a city in the western part of Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia Region.

According to the Birgun news website, both the mother and father of the baby worked in a farm to earn for a living. The couple have set up a tent near their workplace.

Unsuspecting of any untoward incident to happen, the couple left the baby alone inside the tent. While they were working, a man entered and sexually abused the little girl.

The mother saw her daughter's heartbreaking situation when she came back to check on her. Realizing that her baby had been raped, the Syrian mom immediately brought her daughter to the state hospital where she got from doctors confirmation of the sexual assault.

Police have launched an investigation to identify the attacker.