Woman yields shabu during prison visit, reunites with live-in partner in jail

A woman got reunited with her live-in partner in jail after she was caught bringing a pack of suspected shabu during a prison visit.

Based on the live video from Balitang Bisdak, a Visayan newscast, the unidentified woman was detained after jail guards at Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) conducted frisking at the entrance gate and found an undisclosed amount of suspected shabu in her leggings.

However, she strongly denied the allegation and insisted that the illegal drug was merely "planted." The woman claimed innocense because, according to her, she only borrowed the leggings from a friend and did not know that the skin-tight garment contained shabu.

In the interview, her live-in partner admitted that both of them are drug users. The inmate disclosed that his partner, whom he calls "Mylabs," uses the drug whenever she is doing laborious household chores such as washing of dirty laundry. She confirmed the information.

When asked about whether or not he has something to do with this incident, the inmate said he was only expecting a "birthday surprise" from his Mylabs. The couple, who stayed in one roof for 5 months, were supposed to eat lunch together to celebrate.

But the woman denied that she would bring shabu as gift. Mylabs said she intended to give her live-in partner a loveletter.

The video of the interview quickly went viral on Facebook, garnerning more than 1,500 shares and over 68,000 views as of 5 p.m. Monday, July 11.