VIDEO: Man caught jerking off pretty student inside jeepney

A man was caught on video jerking off a pretty student inside a public utility jeepney while other passengers ignored the act out of fear.

Giezel said she was riding a jeepney on her way to school at around 6:40 a.m. when a man sat across from her and started staring at her like she was being raped in his mind.

Then the man suddenly grabbed his manhood and played with it. At the time, the student said she thought of kicking and punching the guy in the abdomen but she ended up crying, feeling helpless for being unable to do anything.

Giezel said the maniac stuck out his tongue several times while looking at her. She didn't shout and ask for help because she felt that the jeepney driver and her fellow passengers were afraid to get involved.

The victim explained that she was also hesitant to seek help for fear that the suspected drug addict would hurt her.

Giezel added that she just took a video hoping that the footage can be used as a concrete evidence against the perpetrator.