Smart's gay-themed ad earns praises on social media

Telecommunications giant Smart recently released a gay-themed advertisement that has earned praises from straight individuals and the LGBT community on social media.

The ad features Kevin Silverio, a gay person who is having a hard time accepting his dad's Facebook friend request.

What makes him hesitant is the fact that his account is loaded with photos of him and and his boyfriend and coming out might affect his relationship with his father, Manuel.

During a family gathering, Kevin turns speechless when his dad asked why he has not yet connected with him on the social networking site.

While alone in his room, Kevin tries to weigh in betweeen tapping the accept button and ignoring the friend request of the head of his family.

Eventually, he texts Manuel: "Dad inaccept na kita." [Dad, accepted you.]

Manuel simply replies: "Anak ako din." [Son, so have I.]

So far, the touching video has been viewed over 1.2 million times on the Facebook page of Smart, which posted the following as its caption:

"It takes courage to break down barriers. It takes strength to overcome differences. ‪#‎SmarterChange‬"