'Propaganda to destroy Duterte heats up' causes MindaNation downtime

The MindaNation article titled "Propaganda to destroy Duterte heats up" was so hot it forced the popular website to go offline.

If you try to access the link provided by the Duterte Today Facebook page, you will be greeted with a notification that says "Error establishing a database connection."

Most likely, the server issue occured due to high traffic coming from internet users who were eager to read the controversial article. But don't fret, there's a workaround on this: you just have to search the title on Google and access the cached page.

To those who are curious, the author of the article wrote his opinion and observations about the fake news story “Duterte Death Squad” that circulated via social media recently.

The post reads:

"An image, which is supposedly a screenshot of a news report from ABS-CBN, shows the blood-splattered interior of a car. One person is dead in the front passenger seat, and a child is in the back seat, covered in blood. The caption reads “DUTERTE DEATH SQUAD NAKAPATAY NG INOSENTING PAMILYA SA PASAY CITY, TATLO PATAY AT ISA KIRITIKAL.”

But while some people may be fooled by the clever presentation, eagle-eyed netizens quickly spotted the tell-tale signs that prove the image was edited. These include the wrong font used for the graphics, the mismatched ABS-CBN logos, and the Photoshop zoom icon clearly visible on the image."

The post concluded that "an organized effort to stop President Duterte from fulfilling his campaign promise to rid the streets of drugs and crime" exists.

The author then asked: "who is behind it all?"


MindaNation was still down when we last checked at around 7 p.m. but the website is expected to be back online in a few hours.