Persona non grata? Carlos Celdran slammed for mocking Sto. Niño, Duterte

Should ballsy tour guide Carlos Celdran be declared persona non grata in Cebu for mocking the Sto. Niño and President Rodrigo Duterte?

The social media personality, who is a known critic of the Duterte administration and staunch supporter of politician and former interior secretary Mar Roxas, has been criticized for sharing an image of the Santo Niño photoshopped with the face of Duterte.

In his comment, Celdran also made fun of the famous Cebuano chant "Pit Señor," which means to "call upon" the "Holy Child," by posting "Pwet Señor."

Cebuanos say "Pit Señor, Viva Señor Sto. Niño" aloud and in unison during the annual Sinulog Festival in celebration of the Feast of Sto. Niño.

And as if it wasn't enough, the Duterte critic rubbed salt into the wound. In his reply to a comment, Celdran said:

"Sigh. Duterte can make rape jokes, blaspheme, and curse the Pope but I cannot? Sigh. Ewan. Butthurt kaayo. I don't know what it is you're drinking over here in the Queen City but it's definitely strong sh*t."

The Cebu Flash Report Facebook page condemned Celdran's posts and said, "Kung wala Moy respeto ni Duterte, pagbilin pud mo ug respeto sa ubang Relihiyon tawn!" [Even if you don't respect Duterte, give respect to the religion of others.]

Reports said netizens from Cebu urged the local government to declare Celdran persona non grata (an unwelcome person).