Pastor: President Duterte's naming of 'narco-generals' biblical

President Rodrigo Duterte's naming of the so-called five narco-generals is not trial by publicity, it is biblical, a top pastor said.

Pastor defends the President

The chief executive gained an ally on Pastor Lucio Dumapias Jr.‎, Chairman of the Pastoral Congress of the Philippines, who quoted a Bible passage often used by the Church in resolving conflicts.

In a Facebook post on July 8, three days after the President named 3 active and 2 retired police officials who are alleged protectors of drug lords, Pastor Lucio said:

"Duterte is not wrong when he [spoke] out the names of the five generals in public, Duterte convinced them to stop even before he was not a President, [these] generals [ignored] the caution of Duterte, instead they continue to hide their wrongdoings. And what [does] the Bible say about this?

Matt. 18:15-17

If thy brothers [do] wrong, go to them and convince them to stop their wrongdoings, if they do not listen, take with you one or two others, so that on the evidence of two or three witnesses, every word may be put beyond dispute, if they still refuse to listen, speak it out to the assembly."

Pastor Lucio said the President followed biblical principles in his announcement about the generals who are allegedly involved in illegal drug trade.

'No trial by publicity'

The pastor's statement affirmed that of Atty. Salvador Panelo, chief presidential legal counsel, who denied accusations of trial by publicity after the chief executive made the announcement.

"No law nor due process has been violated...When the president named them, he was in fact giving them the opportunity to explain their side and that is what they’re doing now," Panelo said, according to a GMA News report.

Panelo's statement however was strongly opposed by his fellow lawyer, Atty, Raymond Fortun who, like him, is known for handling highly sensitive and controversial cases.

On July 6, Fortun posted the following on Facebook:

"Panelo, on the 5 generals accused of drug activities: "There is no trial by publicity." Oo nga naman. You just violated their Constitutional rights, that's all.

Wala pa ngang trial or even a single case filed, but now they are guilty until proven innocent.

Now we know where Pres. DU30 is getting poor legal advice from.

P.S. I challenge all my former students in San Beda Law to say that I'm wrong."

'To each his own'

Everyone has a right to his own opinions and beliefs, but who do you think has the 'most valid' argument in this issue?