Passenger's intuition leads to arrest of robber posing as taxi driver

The intuition of a brave passenger from Cebu IT Park led to the arrest of a carnapping and robbery suspect who posed as taxi driver.

An anonymous sender shared the experience on the Cebu Flash Report Facebook page:

"As an individual your first line of defense is your intuition. Just like what I have experienced last night.

My friend BabyGurl (hidden name) and I hailed a taxi from eBloc2 IT park. From the moment we entered the taxi, there's something odd na with the driver. He was wearing cap, black tshirt and naka-shorts lang. And in my mind, aren't taxi drivers supposed to be wearing a uniform?

He was young pa, like 20's. I also noticed the way he's driving, medyo awkward like a new driver, lihok sad kaau xa na murag di mapakali, dili xa suheto sa road, kay wala xa kahibaw asa dapit ang Mabolo [he looked uneasy and inexperienced since he did not know where Mabolo is]. Wala sad nakadisplay iya ID sulod sa taxi kay ako ta kwaon iya name. So nisamot mi kaduda sa akong friend. One thing we noticed also is bu-ak ang side mirror (passenger's side) ug liki ang windshield end to end. [I wanted to get his name but his ID was not displayed in the taxi. Me and my friend doubted him even more. We also noticed that the side mirror in the passenger's side was broken and the windshied had a crack end to end.]

We asked the driver, "Kuya, buak lagi imong windshield, naunsa na?" [your windshield is broken, what happened?]. He replied, "di man ko suheto aning taxi-ha kay extra rako." [I'm not familiar with this taxi because I'm only an extra.]

Since nastuck mi sa [we got stuck in] traffic sa Dimsum area pa (less than 50meters from eBloc2) si kuya driver suggested mo U-turn daw siya den adto nalang mi agi sa JP Morgan (i know mingaw ug ngitngit na area ni diri) kay wa daw traffic didto. [The driver suggested to make a u-turn and pass JP Morgan (I know that it's quiet and dark in that area) because there was no traffic there.]

And I'm so aware na gi-block na ang road ngadto kay pagmorning didto ko nanaog [the road there was blocked, I dropped there in the morning]. So I told kuya driver na wala nay agianan didto kay gi-close, as in gibungkal ang dalan nya ni ana jud sha naa daw one way maagian didto kay magpagas sad daw siya [the road was impassable because it was closed, as in dug out, but he said they can take a one way street in the area so he can refuel].

Namugos jud cya adto mi niya i-agi. Nagginahi sad mi na we stick to the road bahalag traffic. Nakasense na cya na amo na xa gidudahan so iya mi gipanaog tunga sa dan dapit sa district 53rd. Gikuha namo iya plate number secretly. May nalang naay kaila akong friend na police so iya gitawagan dayun ug gihatag ang plate number. [He insisted to pass there. But we were firm with our decision to stick to the main road despite the heavy traffic. Able to sense that we doubted him, the driver told us to get off in the middle of the road, near District 53rd. We took his plate number secretly. Luckily, my friend knows a police officer so we called up and gave the plate number.]

Thanks to PNP's quick action, nagset dayun sila checkpoint sa Mandaue para malocate ang taxi [a checkpoint was set up in Mandaue to locate the taxi], and so they did. And as per mentioned the taxi was carnapped and that the driver had 2 records of Hold-up.

Nangita diay to cya ug biktimahon na gikan sa IT park. So karon naa na sha sa custody sa police. So guys, please be VIGILANT. Naa pay dghan na pareha ni Kuya Driver, walay kahadlok ni Digong. [The driver was looking for someone from the IT Park to be his victim. He is now in police custody. There are still people like the driver who do not fear President Duterte.] Always believe what your intuition tells you and act FAST."

Do you have a similar experience?