Passenger falls off bus; Driver, conductor 'didn't give a f*ck'

A dashboard video caught an accident where a passenger fell off a provincial bus. Apparently, the driver and conductor "didn't give a f*ck."

Alexander Allen Lim, who shared the video to Top Gear Philippines on Monday, July 11, narrated:

"Hi, Top Gear Philippines. I just want to share what I captured this morning. Happened around 8am (please disregard the date on the dashcam as I have not updated it).

Two female passengers came off a Jasper Jean Liner Bus (plate number TYS-638) at EDSA corner Kalayaan Avenue, and one of them almost got her legs crushed. The reckless and ignorant driver didn't even stop to see if the passengers had alighted safely.

The conductor also didn't even go down to help after seeing the passenger get hurt. This is the kind of hospitality that these drivers and conductors give to commuters. No wonder accidents involving buses happen all the time.

I hope this kind of ignorance, recklessness and lack of regard for passenger safety among PUV drivers won't go unnoticed by the motoring community."

Facebook user RV Gallego Arrogante said there's a reason why the driver did not stop.

"Bawal po kasi mgbaba jan kaya hindi sila humihinto. Sa Estrella po sila allowed magbaba since provincial bus po yang Jasper Jean. Pero mali padin ung bus driver since hindi nya muna tinignan if naka baba na ng maayos ung pasahero," he posted.

TGP replied, "Then they shouldn't have opened the door in the first place."

Netizen Jan So commented, "Top Gear Philippines and the passenger should had waited to stop..."

Well we can't blame anyone in this case. Everything boils down to lack of discipline on the part of both the passengers and the driver. The bus conductor, on the other hand, has no compassion for others.

Do you agree?