Group sets up online reporting system to compliment Hotline 8888

A social media initiative to help President Duterte bring true change would set up an online reporting system to compliment Hotline 8888.

In a Facebook post that went viral, Cebu-based group Ambag Bayan said the ticketing system would enable every Filipino "file a report of any kind."

The reporting system is not not for crime incidents and illegal drugs only. It can also be used to make suggestions and express concerns on infrastructure problems, social services, health care, and corruption or certain issues that citizens want the Duterte administration to know, Ambag Bayan explained.

There will be two options for reporting: the Hotline 8888 and an online form using tickets. Watch this video to find out how the online reporting system works:

Ambag Bayan noted that the supervisors/agents are "people from the government."

The group said they would "hookup with government agencies to handle issues" and to "give [these agencies] another means to receive reports aside from [Hotline 8888]" as there are people who prefer to write instead of call.

With online reporting, people's concerns can be tracked as there will be a record of each conversations and it will be mandatory for appropriate agencies to address legitimate concerns.

The group said they are looking for volunteers to test the system. "It's like role-playing and each volunteer have a role either you are the supervisor or the agent," Ambag Bayan added.