How netizens assess if 'drug generals' named by Duterte are lying

You might find this interesting: Netizens now assess if the "drug generals" named by President Rodrigo Duterte are lying or telling the truth.

In his speech during the 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force on Tuesday, Duterte said the active police officials involved in the illegal drug trade are former Region 6 Director Bernardo Diaz, former NCRPO Director Joel Pagdilao and former QCPD Director Edgardo Tinio.

The other two who were tagged are retired general now Daan Bantayan mayor Vicente Loot and former Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo who is said to have ties with former interior secretary Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party standard-bearer in the 2016 presidential race.

Majority if not all of them have granted media interviews whether live or by phonepatch.

General Tinio, one of those who already answered questions from reporters, said he lost the desire to serve because of the President's announcement, but he did not refute the allegation based on the following video from PTV4.



The so-called drug generals should be careful in granting interviews, especially if the camera is rolling, because observant netizens are watching them closely.

Facebook user Kris Tine said, "If we are to base this according to Cal Lightman (Lie to Me) and his micro expression readings: 1. His hand gesture means he is lying. He is not comfortable, he is trying to manipulate his interviewers through his hand actions; 2. His frequent blinking tells he is lying. Another manipulative gesture; 3. He has shortness of breath, halatang humuhugot ng hininga dahil kabado. In short, he's lying. Lol."

"According to Lightman the best way to know if the person is lying, ask him to tell the events according to the timeline then, tell him to re-tell the events backwards. So, he's gathering his thoughts and looking down, it's a sign of trying to manipulate the conversation," she posted.

"Cal Lightman is actually a fictional character from the series Lie to Me. But the series is based on Paul Ekman's group of decpetion experts. They read micro expressions and analyzing facial expressions, speech, and involuntary body language. Magaling talaga! I tried it on so many people and it is indeed accurate," Kris Tine added.

Asked if there's a book about this, the netizen said its title is "Emotions Revelaed" by Paul Ekman.

A certain Kasinova commented, "Yung paglunok.halata na. Kung totoo yang sinabi nya eye contact at direct to the point. Bakit pag nag sasalita sya kabado sya.. halata sa kilos nya at postura ng katawan...bakit ganun."

Marnelle also posted, "I was looking into this officer's eyes in this interview and man, He's a freaking liar and I'm afraid he's also a user."

Don Angeles, meanwhile, said: "He is trying to access the creative side of his brain. Naghahanap ng palusot."

'No doubt'

Senator Panfilo Lacson told that he had no doubt on the validity of the information from President Duterte especially when he himself heard the same information on the two names mentioned, although he declined to name them.

"All I’m saying is, since the President himself mentioned those two names among the five, he must have good basis in what he divulged, especially if he had a different source of that information," the senator said.

"The commander-in-chief, more than anybody in this country, is in the best position to have access to all these vital and sensitive information and I have no reason to doubt or question its validity," Lacson added.

Garbo's link to Roxas

On May 6, 2016, just three days before election day, Duterte's longtime friend and staunch supporter former North Cotabato governor and now Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol posted a controversial article in which General Garbo was identified as Roxas' top aide.

Here's the full text of Piñol's Facebook post:


By Manny Piñol

The country's biggest drug syndicates are believed to be behind the black propaganda campaign to prevent anti-drug crusader and leading presidential candidate Rody Duterte from winning the Presidency.

In an exclusive interview tonight, top police officers involved in the campaign against drugs who requested anonymity, said that the operation of the drug lords are believed to be coordinated by a top aide of administration presidential candidate Manuel Roxas III.

They identified the Roxas top aide as retired police general Marcelo Garbo whose links to known drug lords like Peter Co is "public knowledge in Camp Crame."

Peter Co, now a detainee in the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa Metro Manla, is believed to be the head of the multi-billion peso illegal drugs operations in the country, one of the police officers said.

Garbo, the police officers said, is so influential because of his connections with Roxas that he virtually chooses who should be assigned as Police Directors in the different regions of the country.

Garbo recently hit the headlines after he was seen meeting with four active police generals in the Novotel Hotel in Cubao, Quezon City.

The police officers said one of the four police generals involved in the controversial meeting also has links with drug lords operating in his area, one of whom was identified as "Dragon."

"They're scared of the Duterte Presidency," the police officers said in explaining the deep involvement of known drug lords in the black propaganda campaign against Duterte.

"But what is more scary is the grim prospect of seeing a Narco-Pollice Force because of the involvement of top police officers in drugs," one of the officers said.

The reported arrests of 10 to 20 kilos of "shabu" are mere cover ups for bigger deliveries of 300 to 500 kilos of drugs, they said.

"They will set up the arrest of couriers carrying 10 to 20 kilos of shabu to divert attention from hundreds of kilos being transported to as far as Mindanao," the police officers said.

The police officers said a Roxas Presidency would make Garbo very powerful and his links with known drug lords could transform the Philippines into a Narco State.

"While we are afraid of a grim scenario of a Narco State, these drug lords are also scared of a Duterte Presidency," they said.

This, they said, explains the massive and relentless black propaganda campaign against Duterte.

The police officers said they are prepared to come out in the open after the elections and unmask other police officials who have links with drug operations in the country."

How cops get involved in the illegal drug trade

You might wonder, how do cops get involved when they have been "active" in busting illegal drug operations?

Broadcast journalist Ira Panganiban has a Facebook post about what transpired during his conversation with two "friends" from Camp Crame, the national headquarters of the Philippine National Police.

"Syet da pwet!!!

Katatapos ko lang makausap ang ilang kaibigan ko sa Camp Crame at ito ang kuwento sa akin:

Me: Bok sa intel mo pasok yung lima sa drugs?

Friend1: sa intel Bok pasok sila kasi may tinatanggap sila sa sindikato eh.

Me: Anong tinatanggap nila? Ano yun?

Friend1: usually kasi Bok pinakamadali masilip ang protector ng iligal na activity sa finances nila. Pag sinilip mo buhay nila, hindi match sa suweldo nila. Pag ganun babantayan mo na mga bata nila. Kasi yun ang kumokolekta. Pag may "automatic" may nangyayari. Dun sila nadadale.

Friend2: pero Bok hindi lagi pasok si commander pag ganun ha.

Me: Panong hindi pasok eh tumatanggap nga? Di ba yun na yun!

Friend2: may mga opisyal kasi na yung "automatic" lang ang habol, walang pake kung saan yun galing.

Friend1: Oo Bok, yun yung mga gulat na gulat dahil sumabit sila. Sa Laguna last year may ganyan.

Friend2: yun yung mga nagiipon na kasi malapit na sila. Basta may hatag yung mga bata nila ok na, wala ng tanungan.

Me: eh yung identified na kaibigan ng kilalang drug o gambling lords pasok sila ano?

Friend2: madalas oo, pero minsan kumpare kasi nila o kamaganak o tinulungan sila sa career kasi.

Friend1: pero mas madami yung "automatic" lang ang habol. Pera pera lang. Hindi nila alam droga na galing yung kayamanan nila."

Panganiban concluded, "May mga pulis na maayos. May mga pulis na nagbabayad utang lang. Pero ang dapat ibitay na pulis ay yung pera at yaman lang ang habol kaya pasok sa hatagan at sindikato."